A refreshing change from today’s movies

I had laid down and just wanted to watch something easy Saturday night. I share my house with two gentlemen and they have the “Gold” package on cable. Seems like even though there were all those choices, there was nothing I wanted to see. Then, “For a Few Dollars More” caught my eye. I had never heard of that title. It starred Clint Eastwood and someone named Lee Van Cleef.

So, I watched it. It was rated R. I don’t usually watch movies with that rating. I was shocked. No Swearing. I checked the information on the guide. 1965. That told it all. Back in 1965 you were not allowed to swear on the Big Screen or TV. The movie was rated R for violence. Gun fights in a Western. Killing. We have become so immune to watching the violence on TV and movies that we don’t even react to it anymore. To me it was refreshing not to have to listen to all that swearing. I wish they had more movies without the swearing. I’m sure many agree.

Valarie Dihle