We are going down a path toward destruction

I look with shocked caution at the stories about the destruction of statues of Southern Civil War Heroes. Has our country truly come to this? Those Americans are allowing a whole chapter of history to be destroyed. Do they not understand that by erasing these figures that they are also erasing a black mark of our American history? We should never ever forget how that war pitted brother against brother. Thank God it helped eradicate slavery. Which we should never forget. This would be like going in and destroying all of the holocaust museum’s because someone like that idiot President of Iran a few years ago came out publicly and declared that the Jews did not suffer at the hands of the Nazis.

Where does this end? Are those same misguided Americans going to resort to burning books that they do not agree with? Think hard and long about this folks, we are at a tipping point in our country’s history. I could go down the line of organizations on both sides of this issue that are at fault. That will never help, because I would be labeled a Nazi, Racists or some other horrible label that the right or left has coined. I heard a very intelligent young man say on a news show last week. “What we need to do is return to our God, ask Him for healing and help and to please bring our wonderfully and fearfully made United States of America back to the place that we so sorely need to be in.” This is no joke folks. We are at the precipice and looking into the eyes of evil. So what is it going to be? Unite as one again, or continue down the path of certain mutual assured destruction. The choice is ours.

Bill Johnson