Too many being removed from pain meds

Even though the CDC is trying to save lives with the epidemic of drug overdoses and the few doctors whom might be over subscribing. There has been a zealous reaction by Doctors to taking patients off narcotic therapy that maintains the patients ability to manage pain and have some decent quality of life.

Please treat your patients as individuals and not pain med user that needs to be taken off medications in this witch hunt. I have heard many stories from people that are suffering now because of being taken off pain relief. If they have not shown signs of drug seeking,then why are doctors now making them suffer? How many patients have now been crippled because they can not move?

I am not one of them because I have a good physician whom treats me as an individual in my care.

So many people are now suffering and being crippled because of this bias caused by the CDC witch hunt for abusers. How would you like to be the person with the closed spina bifida, crippling back pain, poor walking ability whom now has no quality of life, because of this pain med hysteria?

I do not think because of drug abusers others should be penalized and now in tears because they cannot move. All that means to me is poor health care and insight to pain management.

Mary Ann Rouleau