The community’s support helps garden club

I want to express my gratitude to our community and to the folks in the surrounding area who attended the Alpena Garden Club’s first summer garden walk. We had a constant flow of visitors at all of our eight sites and were heartened by the positive comments from everyone. The gardeners who opened up their gardens to the public, Mike and Denise Wekwert, Joe and Carolyn Szatkowski, Jackie Olsen, Nancy Smithem, Allan and Sally Krajniak, and George Sobeck from Tender Care were very generous and welcoming to all. Three area restaurants, Austin Brothers Brewery, The Fresh Palate, and Thunder Bay Winery also gave a 10 percent discount to ticket holders. The club made over $1,000 which will go back to the community in the form of enhanced garden sites in the city and at ACC, and will help fund future educational opportunities the club will offer.

Kaye Breckenridge


Alpena Garden Club