Not in support of a millage for a new jail

Alpena County has approximately 28,803 residents as of 2015, and the population is slowly but steadily decreasing. One mil over 20 years for a grand and wonderful new jail will generate approximately $20 million for construction, bond interest, and operating costs. That is $694 for each and every person who resides in the county, or $2776 for a family of four. I understand the jail is 60 years old and needs work, but my house is 60 years old too and also needs work. I don’t have the bottomless resource of the taxpayers to fall back on and must repair the old house instead of building new. Perhaps the old jail could be rehabilitated for a fraction of the 20 million? I intend to vote no for a new jail, but I might be in for 1/4 mil for a reconstruction of the old jail.

Russ Glover