Honored to be part of supportive community

To all in the Greater Alpena Community:

It has been our Privilege, Jean and I, to have become a part of Northeast Michigan and the Greater Alpena Community. When we rode into town in 1983 in a 68 Volkswagen the kids had to push as I popped the clutch to start it; we had no idea of the amazing level of warmth, honestly, and kindness we would find. It has been a ‘ride’ far beyond anything imaginable. Even as mistakes were made from time to time, your support has been extraordinary. Individuals and businesses allowed us to correct our mistakes, and continued their support. Over these many years we have become true members of this outstanding community.

The outpouring of thoughtful and kind acts and efforts during our last official days were humbling, gratifying, and far beyond what we expected. To the many local business partners near and far, our many amazing customers, and to our outstanding associates over the past 34 years; Jean and I are appreciative for letting us become a part of the Greater Alpena Community. Alpena is a very special place and we are proud to be a part of it.

Hal and Jean Neiman

Neiman’s Family Market