Garden club’s efforts make Alpena beautiful

I would like to compliment the Alpena Garden Club for the beautiful work that they do. It really takes time and effort to make not only the city of Alpena beautiful, but their own gardens. My husband Phil and I stay at our cottage on Long Lake for the summer. My sister-in-law Kay Harris-Young invited me to go with her for a Summer Garden Walk on July 29. This tour featured eight different gardens to tour and what a tour it was. These gardens that we toured were just beautiful. Our last stop was at the ACC where a lady explained how the plants are started to make this city beautiful. It was very interesting to find out this information. I truly hope that the people of Alpena enjoy and appreciate all the hard work that the Alpena Garden Club does to make Alpena beautiful. I sure do.

Bonnie Gagnon-Harris

Lancaster, Calif.