Didn’t see the graphic descriptions in article

In response to Joan Chappa’s Aug. 19 letter, I am the last person to defend the writing in the penny saver that is The Alpena News, but I’ve read the Hein criminal sexual conduct article four times and, for the life of me, I cannot see the “graphic descriptions” she finds so “appall[ing].” In particular, there is no mention — none — of the specific conduct alleged to have occurred. So far as I can see, the piece is as bland and factual as humanly possible. If Ms. Chappa has “never read such graphic descriptions in other newspapers,” she’s been reading a pretty rarified selection of newspapers. As for the newspaper being utilized in classrooms, there are sufficient other reasons to find that offensive. But, the Hein piece, a rare well-written piece in an otherwise grammatically-challenged journal, is not one of them.

Clyde Shuman