Bergman has a dismissive attitude

I appreciate the Alpena City Council members for hearing my concerns and the request for the council’s help in possibly bringing Representative Bergman to the Alpena area to meet with the citizenry at large.

David and I both feel and have experienced Representative Bergman’s dismissive attitude toward the Alpena constituency, in general. He represents all of the people in the 1st District whether agreeing with them or not. He is obligated to meet with them and listen to their issues and concerns.

Recently, many in the community were unaware of his visit to this area until the next day as it was not publicized in advance. Even a call to one of his offices would not confirm his Alpena trip. From the local news coverage and his post on Facebook the next day, it was obviously that he had been here. This is unacceptable and we all deserve better than this from our representative.

We would like office hours and/or a town hall meeting. We do not want a ‘call-in’ phone meeting as that is a way to screen, censor and ignore questions and issues.

David and

Elizabeth Antkowiak