Trolleys could be used for tourism

Alpena’s Thunder Bay Transportation Authority has an opportunity to offer a new and special treat for tourists and residents alike. The trolleys have plenty of visual appeal which would draw people in. They simply look like a “fun time” and could be used to offer narrated tour rides. This could be an advertisement on wheels, proudly pointing out what Alpena has to offer.

Imagine hopping on a trolley downtown or being picked up at your hotel and being presented with interesting facts about Alpena.

There are limitations and complications the average citizen cannot see; but, it appears there are several store fronts and parking spaces available for a small, downtown trolley tour office, perhaps a portion of a now-vacant building or the vestibule of a bank?

“Welcome to Alpena This is our bandshell, our two live theatres, two movie theatres, our high school pool, an ice arena with two sheets of ice. Looking for a lunch? A beer? An ice cream cone? Cupcakes? Here are canoes and kayaks for rent. Here is the college and the home of the Association of Lifelong Learners. Here is a beautiful museum, industry, art galleries, and glass bottom boat, bookstores, fishing spots, the Farmers Market, a water park, a bi-path for walking and bicycling, a renowned Marine Sanctuary, restaurants and wineries.”

Short tours plus longer tours with photo ops which take in lighthouses and 45th parallel sign could be offered. This in no way lists all the good times available.

The trolleys could also be utilized to give people a ride to Art Walk venues. This would be a joy for all those who cannot otherwise do the walk and would allow the newly instituted Alpena Art Walks to include venues which are more distant, such as the Mall or Besser Museum.

Jodene Compton

Presque Isle