The new Trumpcare bill is bad for all of us

My mother-in-law had two bouts with cancer, a disease that eventually took her life. But because my father-in-law’s union worked diligently to negotiate better benefits for his family, they had adequate health insurance.

They did not go bankrupt, as many people with serious diseases have. And when my mother-in-law needed a $5,000-a-dose drug, our family didn’t have to hold a spaghetti dinner to afford it.

But we all know there are bad insurance policies. We pay our premiums faithfully, only to find when we need the coverage, our policy doesn’t meet our needs.

Obamacare has a provision to fix this unconscionable problem. The 10 most important health concerns must be covered in each policy.

One, maternity care, is often targeted as an example of something people should not be forced to buy. Men especially feel that way. But if only policies for women have to contain maternity care, employers that are required to provide insurance would just hire men to avoid having to pay for higher cost insurance.

And think about it–shouldn’t we all want to invest in healthier children?

But since people cried “government over reach” the new Senate Trumpcare bill allows states to get a waiver to strip out the 10 mandatory coverages. And if you work for a company that has plants in multiple states, they can pick which state’s rules they want to follow.

People will be back to paying for insurance that doesn’t cover their needs when they most need it. We will be back to trying to keep people alive by holding bake sales to cover their bills.

Obamacare does need some tweaks. But it took months to craft because it is a sound bill that moved us in the right direction.

Carolyn Medland

Hubbard Lake