Anger, addressing issue part of the process

The Bill Speer commentary on Congressman Bergman calls Bergman a calm voice. That is only true because he avoids the difficult discussions. The commentary notes words like “tone,” and “civility,” are used to avoid discussion of the issues. The idea is sort of like saying those people are rude, so I am not going to dignify them with an answer. The issues themselves are worthy of discussion.

In politics anger, expressed in tone and protest is going to happen when things which are fundamentally uncivil in substance are done to people. Keeping a low minimum wage is not civil in substance. Gerrymandering is not civil. Fake news is not civil. Numerous false statements by President Trump are not civil in substance.

According to Speer’s commentary Bergman says that the political protests today are nebulous and without focus. Speer notes that the protests of the ’60s were about women’s rights, civil rights, war and the environment. But, Speer instead of noting that those are among the same issues being protested today, agrees today’s protests are nebulous and without focus. Add to this list health care, minimum wage. These are real issues that are being protested about.

Not being aware of the issues which bring the public out to protest today is not civil in substance. I hate to say it, but Republicans need to set a better example, instead of when being criticized for fake news and other things, replying that the other side does it too.

Mark John Hunter