Plaza Pool needs to rethink its price increase

The Alpena Plaza Pool boasts of being the only municipal pool in five counties. Unfortunately, this is correct. Our family enjoys swimming and we were looking forward to some fun in the pool this summer, but the cost of membership (or even punch cards) at the Plaza Pool has become cost-prohibitive. Our family, as well as others, will not be purchasing a membership or punch card from the pool this year because we simply cannot afford it. Asking $600 for a family or $375 for an adult is ridiculous; I understand that the Plaza Pool suffers financially and needs community support to keep it open, but if the cost is so high that pool-goers cannot afford to support it, I don’t foresee a long life for this pool. Maybe the time has come to consider scrapping the aging Plaza Pool and collecting funds for a lower-cost option. I would also ask the pool committee to ponder the fact that companies that set the highest prices get the least business; perhaps lowering your rates would actually improve attendance and increase your revenue.

Stephanie Skaluba