GOP declares war with health care vote

And we thought that Caligula represented the ultimate form of human depravity; well, not necessarily so.

On Thursday, May 4, the GOP declared war — war on the elderly, the poor, and anyone (including infants) with the misfortune of having a pre-existing condition. The 217 House GOP representatives who voted to pass the American Healthcare Act have branded themselves as, inhumane, in the annals of American history.

This version of Trump Care is a deliberate act of betrayal cloaked in the semantics of “double speak.” In effect, it affords the very wealthy (Those with incomes of over $1 million) a savings of $50,000 at the cost of nearly 45,000 American lives, annually.

One of the most odious components of the AHCA would allow states to “opt out” of the the regulations and protections to consumers that were included in the Affordable Care Act. For example, insurance companies would be able to charge seniors five times more for the same policy than a younger person, eliminate essential health benefits like maternity care, mental health, and drug prescriptions. As if this wasn’t enough, the AHCA takes it a step further by penalizing people already suffering from cancer, diabetes, and other preexisting conditions with outrageous premiums or denial of coverage. Added to this disaster, the AHCA would cut $880 billion from the Medicaid budget.

After the vote was taken, our “guardians of the people” jovially gathered in the White House Rose Garden to gloat over their victory of sticking it to the “least among us.”

Speak out now by flooding House Representative Bergman’s phone line (231/714-4785) with your message.

Janet Fairchild