Buying junk food with EBT card isn’t right

Interesting stop at a local grocery store. I was in line behind a man making a purchase of almost $100 worth of, pretty much junk food with an EBT card. Frozen pizzas, burritos, cup cakes, chips and a lot of soda pop. I also noticed he had a smart phone in his pocket, (you have a lot of time waiting for $100 worth of junk food being rang up). The sad thing was, after he ran his EBT card he pulled out cash to pay for a 30 pack of beer. I thanked the Lord for giving me the strength not to say something like, “why don’t you put the cash towards some healthy food and pay the balance with the EBT card?” Seen the same thing at another store a month ago. A man with two very obese kids had a mountain of junk food, paid with an EBT card and bought beer and cigarettes with cash. I’m sure the tax payers will foot the bill for the unhealthy kids. What happened to people’s pride and dignity? It’s unbelievable what you’re allowed to buy with an EBT card but with politicians being bought and paid for by the junk food industry I shouldn’t be surprised. People need to contact their representatives about this stupidity. I did.

Randy Zeeman