Reduced funding for Meals on Wheels bad idea

I hope that you will take to heart what I’m sharing with you This letter is to make you aware of just one issue the Alpena Senior Center is facing if the present budget gets passed in Washington, D.C. I’m referring to the reduction in funding for Meals on Wheels program. You only need to avail yourself of the monthly newsletter to see the results of that program. After you read the numbers, imagine this service no longer being funded at the level that is needed to do an adequate job. This writer is old enough that the reality of aging has come into my life. Two years ago I fell. I was blessed to have had family and friends that in my time of need, stepped up and took care of me for five months. It is a fact, you will at some juncture in your life, for one reason or another, need help with daily living needs, including food for nourishment. When that time comes, who can you rely on? Where and whom will be your support network? Of course one big need will be prepared food. I’m asking you to check with our senior center and ask about all the services they provide, but especially the home delivery of prepared food. This is the program that will be cut if this budget goes to vote and passes. Time is a major factor. You ned to contact your elected congressmen in Washington, D.C., ASAP. Your voice needs to be heard.

Carole Cadarette