Enbridge letter to the editor was laughable

A recent letter by Enbridge about the safety of Line-5 pipeline made me laugh. What Enbridge was essentially saying was they are the only ones telling the truth about Line-5 pipeline running under the Straits of Mackinaw and us concerned citizens were spreading false facts about their twin, 64-year-old oil pipelines. That sounds like our President telling us everything he says is the truth and everybody else is lying. Enbridge has more incentive to deceive people because they make enormous profits from the pipeline. Logically, Enbridge could never tell the truth and say their pipeline is not safe, so Enbridge is forced to deceive people. A lie or deception is told as a means to achieve something that cannot be gained by telling the truth. Telling the truth is simple; telling a lie causes, doubt, suspicions and conflict. The truth is always hovering over the lie waiting to expose that lie. Let’s hope the truth is not exposed because of a break in the Line-5 pipeline.

Enbridge created the lie, and now must deal with the people’s concerns of living through another man-made environmental disaster. The fact that Enbridge will not allow independent inspection of their pipeline or an independent review of their own inspections makes me question, why? Perhaps, Enbridge does have something to hide and exposing any inspection data will expose the truth. The Line-5 issue has become a battle between the truth and profit. The odds were no better than 50/50 that the pipeline would eventually break when it was built. What are the odds today after 64 years of constant abuse? Two things will happen with the line-5 pipeline, it will be shut down before it breaks or after it breaks. I am for avoiding pending disaster.

Jim DesRocher