Upset with way traffic change came about

Mayor Waligora,

As a taxpaying citizen, I am concerned that a decision was made to convert the downtown portion of Second Avenue into a two-way street without consulting the people most affected by it.

Three members of the EDC of the DDA who made the recommendation to the Council to effect this change were also voting Council members receiving the recommendation. That reeks of cronyism at worst and myopia at best. Either way, your failure to rescind yourself from this decision has indignified your office and besmirched your legacy as mayor.

The only justification for the outrageous expense you are prepared to foist upon the people is that it will hasten the development of downtown. What evidence beyond the EDC’s claims bear this out? Where is the evidence that sale of the property at Second and Water hinges on making this change? The adjustments made to Third and River accommodated the needs of Holiday Inn Express; what warrants such a severe alteration to the downtown streetscape?

This is not a routine placement of a city traffic light; you will be fundamentally redesigning the streetscape that your electorate finds so charming in its current state. It will be a severe alteration, and it’s being done without the consent of the people most affected by it. When did the consent of the governed stop being of paramount importance to you?

I look forward to voting you and your cronies out of office,

Seth Wm. Peters