An idea to save school district some money

We all want to help our kids and our grandkids when it comes down to their education, school, teachers, etc. That makes total sense to me, but as I was coming home this evening, I happen to drive by two elementary schools and the high school. I drove by these schools late, after 8 p.m. and found many classroom lights still on. I know cleaning people have to clean after regular school staff leaves, sometimes teachers come in later or stay later to plan their lessons for the next few days. I understand that, but no cars around and several classroom lights on, just didn’t add up. If you have even a dozen rooms of one school with classroom lights on X all the schools in the district X one month, total that out and see exactly how much power APS could be saving by making sure all the lights are off at the end of the day? Maybe put on timers or motion detectors? I’m thinking, my opinion only, that the school system could be saving a whole lot of money that they don’t realize that they are paying. You never know until you try. What is a few timers going to cost vs benefits that they could reap if they check this out for a month or two and finding it makes a huge difference? I realize you would want some night lighting left on but it’s a lot cheaper than a full classroom light. Again I’m only one person and this is my opinion. Driving by those schools and seeing those lights on I could hear the voice in my head I hear at home “turn off the damn lights.”

Jodie Bishop