Where’s the name of author on ‘Viewpoint’?

I know I have said this, many times before to no avail, but I would like to know whose viewpoint I am reading in the Viewpoint column on the editorial page of the Alpena News. I especially am interested if it is called a “Local Viewpoint.” There are bylines on stories, and the columns usually identify the writer. But the authorship of the Viewpoint column is never revealed. I often find myself disagreeing — even extreme disagreement — and yet I am tilting at windmills because I do not know who to give a thumbs up or down to; who to give a shout out to — or who to shout at. When the headline is “Trump’s Ban Not Wrong,” or “Trump Made Right Call on TPP”; or “Trump Makes Right Call on Pipeline,” who is this Trump worshiper?. You require all Letters to the Editor to have the writers name published. Is it not a double standard to have viewpoints — and often controversial viewpoints — published anonymously? I think your readers have a right to know who is influencing or attempting to influence how people view an issue. Thank you for considering this action. I am once again considering whether or not I want to pay for print news and your answer will help me decide.

Carol Shafto