Trump’s action are bring harm to everyone

Our constitution begins with “We the People,” not “I the President.”

Trump’s executive orders have brought immeasurable harm here and around the globe:

1. Halting immigration targeting mainly Muslim countries

2 Reversing Universal Health Care (Obamacare)

3. Building walls to our neighbor in Mexico

4. Immobilizing men, women, and children, legally coming into or back into the U.S.

5. Privatizing or defunding the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (PBS, Sesame Street)

6. Blasting a Free Press (our biggest ally against “Trumpism”)

7. Supporting Russian President Putin, a murderer and a thug

8. Trump’s Cabinet of Billionaires, whose positions undo the very offices to which they are appointed.

John McCain is doing his best to save the Republican Party from this free-wheeling and bloated “Typhoon.”

Dump Trump. How soon can we get Trump impeached?

We shall overcome.

June Perry