Some tips to help you have a healthier life

Often we physicians tell patients not to drink, smoke, eat bacon, motorbike without a helmet or similar advice interpreted as killing all that is joyful in life. Occasionally, however, we offer information that is easy and saves money.

If you’re trying to prevent thinning bones, track your food and beverages over three days, average the daily calcium intake using internet calcium calculators. If less than 1200mg daily, make up the difference in a calcium supplement, preferably in a calcium-poor meal. There’s no need to quaff two or more calcium tablets a day for most people and by not overdoing the supplements you’ll minimize heart attack risk.

If you’re trying to stop age-related eye diseases with supplements, stop it and save your money. Only patients with moderate to severe macular degeneration benefit, everyone else according to the NIH may increase cancer risk with no eye benefits.

Had seafood today? Skip fish oil capsules.

Is healthy pregnancy your goal? Start prenatal vitamins before your pregnancy and watch your seafood intake due to the high mercury content of fish. Prospective parents should stay in Michigan where the zika virus can’t exist because the mosquito species carrying zika cannot live here — a positive aspect of our cold winters.

Want healthy-looking hair and nails? Stop the vitamins and moisturize. The dull hair and brittle nails are simply the result of slower growth as we age, which no supplement can change, but you can protect from damage with nightly moisturizers (Vaseline on nails) to preserve youthful appearing proteins. The supplements are a proven waste of money.

Want higher testosterone? Compete physically with men or exercise in the presence of attractive women to naturally boost your T while building muscle. Sleep increases testosterone and growth hormone more than any dietary supplement. Enjoy life naturally.

Allan P. Frank, MD, MS


Assistant Clinical Professor

MSU College of Human Medicine