Paper biased with double standard for Trump

Your news has been biased against Trump since last summer, and is now very misleading representing President Trump. Those political cartoons as well as most of the columnists are a double standard. Examples recently are several cartoons depicting Trump as a puppet of Russia’s Putin. Trump is trying to improve our relations without running all over the world bowing and apologizing like Obama.

There was another cartoon implying Trump’s press secretary as Pinocchio lying about the crowd size at the inauguration. A home viewer could see the crowd extending from the Monument to the White House. Last Saturday implied that the Statue of Liberty was another assault victim of Trump. The truth is the inscription on it, “Give Me Your Tired Your Poor,” is nothing but a slogan and is not law.

Another had the American flag partially blocked with bricks as if it was a crime. Somebody show me one country on this planet that is wide open to anybody to walk in and exploit its people, deplete its treasury to pay for all the free benefits handed to them? To add insult to injury these people are given American jobs.

The Obama administration is the only one ever that directed its Border Police to not enforce the law on the books. His main objective was to dissolve this country. Any country without borders and enforcement is nothing but a land mass.

Sheriff Arpaio of Arizona has been criticized for doing his job, and is being charge with “racial profiling” even though Hispanic Americans are the majority?

President Trump is the only one in many hears that recognized the American working middle class and is constantly fought by the status quo that do not want change.

Robert J. Colarusso