Alpena needs to do better job removing snow

“We should all complain … but we shouldn’t have to.” This is my complaint

A couple of years ago while attempting to walk to a social engagement, I slipped and fell into a puddle trying to climb over an unshoveled snowbank at the corner of unshoveled property. Although I didn’t not injure myself fortunately, I was soaking wet. I was furious as I continued on, having to walk in the sloppy streets because of unshoveled sidewalks both private and business. Another lady attempted to get out of her car downtown, slipped and literally slid under her car. I have several friends who do not visit downtown during the winter months because they cannot manage the snowbanks. Many people have to walk whether due to loss of license, handicap, or just plain want to get some exercise.

I called my city council member who referred me to the city manager. His reply to me stated “while Alpena does have an ordinance regarding snow removal, we do not enforce it.” He then proceeded to give me 11 reasons why. Then why have the ordinance? How ridiculous. I visit other cities which do not have snow covered walks or snowbanks piled between parking spaces and local businesses. Shove the snow to the middle of the road at night and have the plow remove it. Put some people to work shoveling that need the money and send the bill to the resident or business. We pay $35 each time our snow is removed. What is so difficult about that? Cheaper than a lawsuit.

Linda McGill