What happens if ACA is repealed by Congress

I understand one of the first votes Congress is likely to make will regard health care. While the “repeal and replace” slogan is favored, I hope they will consider all the citizens of our District as they choose a course of action.

We have about 2,000 citizens of Alpena County who now have health insurance as a result of the expanded Medicaid provisions of the ACA. One is a friend of mine. Having health insurance encouraged him to schedule a check-up. A few visits later he was told he had cancer. My friend is now receiving treatment, which to this point, has saved his life.

To repeal the ACA is easy; but if it is simply repealed, what shall I say to my friend who will no longer have a means to pay for his cancer care? What will we say to the thousands of others throughout northern Michigan who have access to health care because of the ACA?

These are not simply rhetorical questions. I hope our representatives might imagine speaking to my friend “face to face” as they cast their vote.

What is chosen to be put in place after repeal is much more important than the act of repeal itself. Before any action is taken, I urge consideration about how the health, and even the lives, of people who today still enjoy health coverage through the Affordable Care Act will be protected.

I will follow the development of health care policy as the new Congress convenes in January. I look forward to hearing the specific proposals that will be endorsed as the new year begins.

William Morford