Trump corruptible like all other politicians

I am writing today in regards to the article “Trump repeating some behaviors he criticized in Clinton.” I, like many other people in the U.S., voted for Donald Trump. I am not afraid to admit it anymore. I voted for him because he became wealthy before running for public office, as opposed to making his wealth because he is a seasoned politician. As he is already wealthy, I felt he would be incorruptible. While I am not afraid to admit I voted for him, I am having major buyers remorse.

I feel that his “incorruptibility” was a major scam perpetrated on the American people. It was announced a few weeks ago that Linda McMahon will be the pick for the small business administrator. I thought it was a bold and interesting choice, until I found out that she donated $5 million to the soon to be defunct Donald J Trump foundation, and also gave $6 million in campaign contributions to Trump. She bought herself a seat at the table in the Trump administration, by the exact “pay-to-play” scheme that Trump condemned in the Clinton foundation.

With the pick of Linda McMahon to be the small business administrator, Trump has violated his promises to clean up Washington. By allowing people to pay for high level positions, he has proven that he is just as corruptible as any other politician (even though he is independently wealthy). If money truly does talk, then we will probably be seeing other shady back alley deals for the next four years.

Mike Degan