Trump fully aware of what he is saying, doing

Recent propagandists for the Republican cause have asserted that, after he received nearly $2 billion worth of free publicity due to his notoriety, Donald Trump’s free speech rights are threatened by the presence at his rallies of people offended and threatened by his careless rhetoric. The sight of such people, aroused and anxious to exercise their own rights to disagree, is enough to incite hostile reaction among his stooges, and that is arguably too much threat to civil order to enable continuation of his mischief.

The situation is analogous to that of a citizen walking down Washington Ave. and coming across a house flying a Confederate flag. Of course, any man has the right to walk with a bull horn down the street proclaiming “I am a total moron,” if he so wishes; and we must not offend against that right. But, is a reflexive gasp of disbelief the beginning such a threat? Or does the threat begin when people gather to see the freak show close up and determine what form of alien life flies that flag. Conversations about the flag and its flyer may be incredulous at first, and less than complimentary in their diagnosis of motivations. And, open expression of these observations may provoke an enraged response? But does any of that constitute a threat?

Donald Trump is aware of the sort of people he attracts in his English usage, geared to the diction and vocabulary of fourth graders and replete with incomplete sentences to provoke an emotional impact without leaving any complete sense or idea. He knows his followers are short on intellect, long on rage, and have lost the capacity to be embarrassed. Worst of all, he has convinced them that they are respectable and entitled to attack those not acknowledging their bigotry.

Bob Greene