Obama’s plan is to flood USA with illegals

The national political cartoon on July 17 showing the slogan on the base of the Statue of Liberty is just what it is, a slogan and not law. The Democrats have stooped to an all-time low by encouraging children to travel to the USA for political gain. The media’s latest lie is that they are coming here because of crime in those countries. That has been going on just as bad for the last 30 plus years. Why the big exodus now?

Simple, the Obama plan is to flood the USA with as many aliens as he could. Next bring in the parents that I doubt will be refused, and bingo, thousands and possibly millions of more Democrat votes, and more power. I just can’t imagine getting any lower than that.

The latest scandal now is Obama has been giving our tax dollars to the Catholic Clergy to promote this unconstitutional travesty. Whatever happened to the separation of church and state? Actually since he’s been in office, what happened to laws?

The medical staff at the borders has been intimidated not to disclose the number of cases of these walk-ins with incurable diseases like TB, etc. The late Paul Harvey said “the USA is the only place on this planet that will import poverty and disease.”

Washington does not see the impact of the USA being the drop-off point for the planet. The Congressional Budget Office determined this will have a devastating effect on the wages of working class Americans, and more outrageous health care costs.

These people are not all children or orphans but law breakers that defy our laws, deface our flag, and feed off our system. Why should they be rewarded for their illegal and illicit activities?

Robert Colarusso