Disappointed with hometown newspaper

I am sending this letter to The Alpena Paper for two reasons.

First my hometown paper The Onaway Outlook is bias.

I found out that the Onaway Outlook is taking sides again and not writing or producing the facts. James Gibson wrote an article to The Onaway Outlook a couple weeks ago for the Onaway Car Show, which he organized and made sure it went on without any complications. The Onaway Outlook refused to put his name under the article as the person who wrote it. I am sorry, but this is wrong. Why is the Onaway Paper prejudice against Gibson? Just because he stood up for what is right? Mr. Gibson wrote the article for the Chamber Of Commerce not for the Recall effort. I am ashamed of our Onaway Outlook. Anyone who has anything to do with The Citizens For A Safer Community, are being discriminated against. Gibson is promoting Onaway, not promoting his campaign, so why does the paper not give credit where credit is due? But The Onaway Outlook will print anything that the present Commissioners or City Manager writes, without question. To me this is wrong, and the people of Onaway are only getting one side of the story, and quite frankly they are being told half truths or complete lies.

My second reason is your paper gets the facts and not just a one sided opinion. I respect that. I have lost all respect for my hometown paper. The people of Onaway deserve to know both sides, so they can form an honest opinion. I hope your paper will continue to write articles about what has been going on in my town because we do read it, more than we do our own paper.

Lonnie Lenox