Anonymous benefactor a Christmas joy

In what has become an Alpena tradition this time of year, a generous, anonymous benefactor again this season left several $100 bills in Salvation Army red kettles around the city.

Two years ago, an anonymous donor started the $100 bill tradition. Last year, the same thing occurred. Exactly a week ago, as the money from the day’s collections was being counted, Maj. Kevin Cedervall found the first donation — four $100 bills wrapped together by a paper clip in the kettle he was counting. Before long, three other bundles — all containing four $100 bills bound together by a paper clip — were found in kettles from around the city.

“We were overwhelmed by the support that we receive from our community,” Cedervall said. “People like this donor make our services available all year round. We would love to thank the donor in person, but want this amazing person to know that we are really blessed by their generosity and care for their neighbors.”

We likewise would like to thank the donor for their wonderful donation, and for keeping this tradition going locally. Their generous sharing of resources will brighten the homes of many families this Christmas with food and gifts.

It is such random acts of kindness that makes our region the wonderful place it is to call home.

When it comes to Christmas stories, this one of red kettles and $100 bills is about as good as it gets.