Be prepared for stormy weather

This week’s severe thunderstorms that rolled through the region were a reminder that “disaster preparedness” should not be a phrase, but a practice.

As the warning sirens wailed in Alpena and lightning lit up the evening sky like a fireworks grand finale, it was easy to imagine the worst-case scenarios. Flashlights were rounded up and candles and lighters were placed strategically on the table in preparation should the electricity go out. Bottled water was ready.

The cell phone was charged and a weather app on the phone displayed radar, which tracked the path and speed of the storm.

No, we we were not in Kansas anymore, Toto.

While technology today has indeed made stormy evenings like Tuesday easier to deal with, there still is a need for the basics, as well. This week reminded us of that.

If you were ready Tuesday for any emergency, congratulations.

If you weren’t, we would urge you to do so.

Be prepared.