Chamber, CVB, DDA lead the way in Alpena’s growth

The Alpena Convention and Visitors Bureau’s move into its new location is in the home stretch and the welcome center should be ready for the public soon. We wish the CVB staff well as they begin a new era in promoting Alpena.

In recent years, both the CVB and the Alpena Downtown Development Authority have moved out of the building housing the Alpena Area Chamber of Commerce and established themselves in different locations. This is not a sign of animosity with the chamber in any way, but rather a sign of growth for all three organizations.

Under the chamber leadership of Jackie Krawczak, CVB leadership of Mary Beth Stutzman, and the DDA leadership of first Leslee Dort and now Anne Gentry, the three organizations have Alpena in a strong economic position that shows signs of continued to growth. The moves by the DDA and CVB are signs of a strong Alpena.

While it was nice to have all three economic facilitators in the same building, their growth dictated they each have their own building. All three organizations will tell you that there just wasn’t enough room for them in the same building anymore.

Make no mistake about it, all three understand the value the other two have to the area, and that the lines of communication will be as open as if they were in the same building. Their cooperation and continued growth is important for Alpena to continue to grow and prosper.

Alpena and Northeast Michigan benefit from the hard work of the chamber, CVB and DDA, and they are a leading example of the growth the area has seen.