Great news with airport reaching 10,000 enplanements

Pop the cork on the bottle of champagne Northeast Michigan!

Thanks to the support of residents around the region, the Alpena County Regional Airport has surpassed the 10,000 enplanement threshold, thus entitling the airport to a $1 million subsidy from the Federal Aviation Administration.

Many folks contributed to making the goal, but ultimately it was the consistent schedule of SkyWest Airlines and the dependable service it has proven for Northeast Michigan residents that resulted in this accomplishment. SkyWest has proven it can be depended upon and while some flights did have to be canceled over this calendar year, the cancellations were for good reasons.

“I think the future is looking good and I’m confident we’ll be able to sustain these types or numbers,” Airport Manager Steve Smigelski said. “I hope we can build on them and make them even stronger.”

Congratulations to everyone who played a role in reaching the 10,000 plateau.