Cleaning snow around hydrants will help firefighters

It’s time again to adopt a fire hydrant in your neighborhood.

With this week’s snow and cold weather, it reminded us that before snow piles get too high and icy around the region, it would be a good time to adopt the nearest fire hydrant and keep it clear this winter.

The threat of fire is greater in the winter from chimneys and fireplaces. Nothing is more aggravating or frustrating to firefighters this time of year than to get to a fire hydrant and first have to clear the hydrant from drifted snow and ice. Such action wastes valuable time — time that is critical in fighting a fire.

Many residents in the past have routinely taken it upon themselves to spend an extra five minutes shoveling and clearing a path around a hydrant. In other neighborhoods, however, the hydrants seem forgotten.

Look around your neighborhood and do your part this winter to keep your hydrant ready to be used. One never knows when that action will pay dividends.