APS has good leadership with VanWagoner

Few of us would seek the responsibility of overseeing a school district these days in Michigan.

Increasing state and federal rules and regulations, increased pressures from special interest groups on curriculum choices and the problems posed from the ever changing dynamics of the American home and family all make education today a challenge.

That is why when a district has a strong leader at the helm, it can make all the difference in the world.

Alpena Public Schools seems to have that person, based on the rating board of education members recently gave to John VanWagoner, who is in his second year at APS.

VanWagoner’s performance was assessed in five different areas of professional practice. He received a “Highly Effective” rating in 26 of 33 areas and a rating of “Effective” in the remaining seven.

It was a strong showing, and continues a trend APS has enjoyed with its past several superintendents.

VanWagoner has proven to be a dependable leader in a chaotic time, and his calm personality instills trust to those around him.

When it comes to leadership in Alpena, it looks as if the board has found a winner.