A generation of generosity

Sometimes it takes a shocking event to help us appreciate what we have.

These past months have had their share of tragic events. Perhaps most prominent were three disastrous hurricanes that rocked the Caribbean and the southern United States in rapid succession, causing countless deaths and forcing the survivors to rebuild their communities and their lives. Events like these have a way of provoking reflection and re-emphasizing priorities.

And while we have the good fortune to live in an area that does not experience hurricanes, we, like those affected by hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria, receive many services that are easy to take for granted until something outside of our control threatens their availability. But sound planning can make large strides toward minimizing future risk. As citizens of this community, we each have a duty to do everything we can to ensure that our most important services are available to the community at large.

We can meet this duty in several ways, but the most important of these is giving. Why not consider giving your time to a local entity in need of volunteers? Share your expertise with those in need. And, in the interest of keeping our community strong, could you contemplate carving out a portion of your annual budget to give to worthy causes?

Without question, there are many great nonprofits out there. In our community, there are organizations devoted to providing housing to those in need, feeding the hungry, and supporting the abused and downtrodden. All of these are worthy beneficiaries of your time, talents, and donations as they strengthen the very foundation of our community. But what cause could be more elemental — and more necessary — than promoting good health in the community?

Our community deserves a hospital with cutting-edge technology and the best facilities available. Ensuring that — both today and in the future — depends upon your support. If you’re inclined to help provide high-quality health care to the people of our community, consider making your support an annual gift. The benefits are many. Not only would your annual gift ensure individuals in our community would get the high-quality health care they need, but your support ensures the community at large benefits from the jobs and technology a cutting-edge health care system brings to Northern Michigan.

And, of course, some good deeds come with benefits to the doer as well. Consult with your local tax professional to determine the impact an annual gift might have on your tax situation. There’s no way to know which troubles might befall the area in years to come. Let’s do everything we can to prepare so that future generations benefit from this generation’s generosity.

Authored by: Matt Wojda, attorney with White and Wojda of Alpena. He is a volunteer of the MidMichigan Health Foundation and a member of the Development Council’s Planned Gifts Committee serving the Alpena region.