Though short on contests, Tuesday’s election is important

If history is any indicator, there will be a very small turnout at the polls Tuesday.

If that is the case it would be a shame, as in our estimation it is at the local level where residents have the most power with their vote.

And, it is at that same local level where politicians wield much power and control over decisions that most often directly impact you and your family. With that being the case, why wouldn’t you vote?

This year in the City of Alpena residents will be selecting representatives to council. With budget balancing, employee legacy costs, developing a comprehensive city plan and infrastructure concerns, the new council is certainly going to have their hands full. Controversial issues like Mich-e-ke-wis development or medical marijuana stores within city limits also are topics that soon will be tackled.

Issues like these require strong leadership, which make this year’s races all the more meaningful.

In Alpena County voters will be asked to approve a jail millage. Just the mere mention of the word “jail” evokes strong emotions among residents and that certainly has been the case here as well. Despite that, how many of those same people will take the time and make the effort to vote Tuesday? We fear a small minority of county residents will play a huge and disproportionate role in determining this millage’s fate.

We all need to take an active role in determining our future.

Make our founding fathers proud Tuesday by getting out to vote.