Money requests fared well with state voters

The approval of millage in Alpena County for a new jail by voters this month was a trend seen duplicated across much of Michigan this year.

According to information compiled by the Michigan Information and Research Service and reported by the Small Business Association of Michigan, there were 168 tax-related proposals on local ballots across Michigan earlier this month in the General Election. Of those, 76 percent – or 128 of them, sought either new or increased money from voters.

And, in perhaps a surprisingly strong showing, 75 percent of those 128 measures were approved by the local voters in each area.

Statewide there were 44 public-safety related proposals, including the Alpena County Jail proposal. Of those, 33 were approved and 11 failed.

Certainly no millage request ever is taken for granted. As evidence by the mood of Michigan voters above, it seems as if those who took the time to vote this year were more often very generous as they evaluated the proposals before them. Alpena County voters were no different in that regard.