Hoping for a successful, safe hunting season

Next week a sea of orange will take to the woods of Northeast Michigan in pursuit of elusive whitetail bucks. St. Antler’s Day arrives Nov. 15 — the beginning of firearm deer season.

As always, we urge hunters to be safe outdoors. We hope hunters will be successful, but in our world success not only is measured by obtaining a deer, it also is marked by a safe experience.

To help increase the odds for a safe and enjoyable hunt, Department of Natural Resources officials offer these tips to hunters this season:

∫ Treat every firearm as if it is loaded.

∫ Keep the safety on until you are ready to fire.

∫ Be certain of your target, and what’s beyond it, before firing.

∫ Avoid alcoholic beverages or behavior-altering medicines or drugs before or during a hunt.

∫ Always wear a hat, cap, vest or jacket of hunter orange.

∫ Always let someone know where you are hunting and when you plan to return.

This year let’s make the hunting experience Up North an enjoyable and safe one for everyone.