Head first into the holidays

So, the holidays are in full swing. Are you ready for the onslaught of all things Christmas? Not me, I just have lots of random thoughts …

∫ Have you seen the ad with the father and daughter where she has lots of videos and it closes with the father checking his phone while driving at night? The daughter screams “Dad, dad, dad …” as headlights flash on them and the ad changes to black. If that doesn’t get the message through, nothing will.

∫ I’m not sure why drivers think the left turn lane is a transition lane where they can pull in and drive along until traffic passes so they can merge. All I know is I’m surprised there aren’t more accidents because of it. Friday, while running some errands before work, I encountered a half-dozen of them in about a 20-30 minute stretch. Twice I heard horns honk as the driver nearly cut off a car they weren’t aware was along side them. Maybe it was more pronounced on Friday than normal, but there isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t see this happen.

∫ While I’m a Michigan fan, I’m a realist so I’m not holding out much hope for today’s game against Ohio State. The Buckeyes who played Iowa need to show up in Ann Arbor for Michigan to have a legitimate chance to win.

∫ Speaking of college football, I’m rooting for Wisconsin to win the Big Ten and be undefeated when the College Football Playoff pairings are announced. I also was kind of rooting for Miami to be undefeated too, even though I dislike the school. I wanted to see some people lose their ever-lovin’ minds if one or the other was left out despite an unblemished record. However, Pittsburgh’s upset of Miami ruined that part of the equation. There is still too much subjectivity in deciding the college football champion so I relish some chaos and controversy.

∫ I’m sorry I’m not in the Christmas spirit on Nov. 25. It’s just way to early and it’s caused by all the rush for Black Friday sales. And can someone explain to me how retailers can tell by early afternoon on Black Friday whether it’s going to be a good shopping season or not? This year is an early start because of an early Thanksgiving, so technically there are more days this year than if, say, Thanksgiving was Nov. 27, so it seems a bit presumptuous.

∫ And speaking of Black Friday, how many of you bought yourself a shopping “reward” and got yourself something nice because it was a deep discount? I’ll bet there are plenty who did.

∫ Maybe it’s just a perception, but I am hearing a lot more Steely Dan since Walter Becker died nearly three months ago. I have been a fan since the band’s heyday so I always turn up the volume when a song comes on. I just seem to be turning the volume up a lot more these days.

∫ Is Matthew Stafford going to be this generations Warren Moon and Dan Marino? Lots of records but no titles? At least Marino got to a Super Bowl, the Lions just dance on the fringe too much — playoff capable but not a real contender.

∫ Amazon is the biggest player when it comes to online sales and delivery, but its new plan to be able to walk into your house to deliver your groceries is a step too far for me. I’m not about to just let someone walk into my house. The intent might be positive, but how many of those delivery people would be tempted to take a look around just to see how people live? Call me a skeptic/cynic/downer/etc., but not every delivery person is going to be above reproach.

∫ Speaking of food, do you use one of the meal delivery systems like Blue Apron or Hello Fresh? I don’t, I’m just curious if you are happy with it. I don’t know anyone who uses one; either that or they don’t talk about it.

∫ It’s Nov. 25, so only 15 days before I start my Christmas shopping.

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