Give thanks, but also take time to enjoy what the seasons offer

Today is a time for reflection, for giving thanks and for remembering the many blessings that we have experienced this past year.

Some of us are filled with more thanksgiving than others, but all of us should, if we stop and ponder it for a while, have something to be thankful for today.

Today is a time for peace, relaxation (except during the Lions game) and family.

Friday’s hustle and bustle will come soon enough.

On Friday Christmas will be ushered in and Christmas trees will start popping up all over.

No Christmas tree glows any brighter this time of year than the community tree at Culligan Plaza.

Friday night the tree will be lighted for the first time this holiday season and, per usual, the “ahs” from those gathered will be worth all the hard work it took to get it ready. Smiles will fill the plaza and without a doubt it will begin “to look a lot like Christmas” around the region.

We hope readers stop and take the time to enjoy the beauty and meaning of Thanksgiving today. It’s so easy to get caught up in all the hustle and bustle of holiday decorating, gift wrapping, baking, etc., that comes after. Unfortunately, with all that stress we bring on ourselves sometimes the push toward Christmas seems more a chore than a blessing.

This year our hope for each of you is to slow down and smell the cinnamon, starting with the pumpkin pie today and continuing with the hot tea or coffee tomorrow.