Seminar a good investment to ensure your safety

Thankfully Northeast Michigan residents don’t have to contend with the threat of hurricanes.

By no means does that mean we are exempt from potential disasters, however.

Ice storms, tornadoes and wildfires are just some of the potential natural disasters that could face all of us. And, whether in Florida or in Michigan, the key to surviving a disaster is proper preparation.

To help residents know how to prepare for a potential disaster, the Presque Isle Library will offer a free five week seminar beginning Sept. 27 and continuing through Oct. 25. The seminar will run Wednesdays from 6 to 8 p.m.

The sessions will include handouts and residents need not attend all five. Seminars include such topics as preparing for power outages, food preparedness, water filtration and many more.

Certainly with all the hurricane stories fresh on our minds, a seminar like this seems especially timely. All of us hope we never will have a need to worry about surviving a disaster, but all of us also know there always is a risk. For Northeast Michigan residents, the risk probably increases with the snow, wind and ice of winter.

Being prepared is a key to surviving such a situation. That is why this seminar seems like a good investment of time for all of us.