Carmeuse, Rogers City have solid relationship

Good neighbors are to be cherished.

Thus, when you hear a “good neighbor” story like the one told in Rogers City this week, you can’t help but smile.

Council there approved a tax exemption for the Calcite plant owned by Carmeuse Lime and Stone.

In some communities such action would have resulted in a gathering of upset residents. Tax exemptions and abatements, while an important economic tool for communities, aren’t necessarily the most popular choice with residents.

In this instance, however, all is good.

City Manager Joe Hefele, in explaining the exemption, told council “You still gain. You just don’t gain all of it immediately. It gives the company some relief as it invests all that money.”

Councilman Ken Bielas agreed, calling it a “win-win for everyone.”

And Carmeuse representative John Abbitt said Rogers City always has been good to the company, and likewise, he believed the company has been good in return.

“We’ve had a really good relationship with the community. Both support from the community and our support for the community. It’s a good thing.”

We couldn’t agree more.

When it comes to Carmeuse and Rogers City, the relationship appears “rock” solid.