An important day for Youth and Rec Committee

Today is an important day for many Alpena County entities that work with area youth and recreation.

This afternoon members of the Alpena County Youth and Recreation committee will meet and finalize funding for projects that will begin in 2018. It is the last round of funding for the four-year millage renewal that was approved by voters in 2014. Millage destined for Alpena County youth and recreation first appeared as a ballot request approved by voters on Aug. 3, 2010.

Forty-four grant requests totaling $791,000 have been submitted to the committee, which has about $600,000 to distribute this cycle.

Committee members have met 12 times over the past several months to learn about the requests and begin the screening process. It has been a very long and involved process, but one that helps ensure a lot of research has gone into the final determination.

Committee Chairman Tony Suszek said the first order of business is determining the 2018 grants this afternoon. Then, in the months ahead, committee members will discuss the expiring millage and whether or not to recommend to county commissioners a renewal request.

In a news story Wednesday, Suszek said “I don’t think there is anyone who hasn’t been impacted in a positive way by this millage.”

We agree. The millage over its eight year existence has a solid performance record. Projects funded have been diverse and unique and benefit residents both young and old.

The task ahead today might seem overwhelming, but we’re confident committee members will make the right decisions.