A great day to be a proud American

Today is one of our favorite days for publishing local news.

On this day, the eve of Armed Forces Day, we have been publishing for several years now a special salute to the men and women from across the region who are currently serving their country in the armed services.

We enjoy the amazing collection of these brave men and women defending our country. We are in awe of many of them who have made a career out of the job they are doing. From Afghanistan to Germany, the Pentagon to Japan, men and women from Northeast Michigan can be found in all corners of the world serving their country.

We, like their relatives who shared the information with us, are proud of the roles they are performing. These are the men and women who make our country great. As young people look for role models and modern day heroes, these are the people they should be looking up to and admiring.

From sea to shining sea this morning, “thank you!”