Anschuetz deserving honoree of Citizen award

Chalk one up for the “good guys.”

That was our first thought Thursday evening upon hearing the news Bruce Anschuetz had been chosen as the Alpena Outstanding Citizen of the Year. The announcement came at the annual Alpena Area Chamber of Commerce dinner.

While many in the crowd that night would have been deserving picks, none was better than Anschuetz who quietly, tirelessly and effectively donates his time, money and talents to numerous worthy causes across the region.

One of those is United Way, where he and his daughter Jamie have worked together relentlessly over the years to ensure area nonprofits and agencies receive the funding help they so sorely need. In fact Anschuetz, as he shared his thanks to the community from the podium, paused for a second when talking about his involvement with the United Way. He reminded those in attendance that this year’s campaign was just a little short of meeting goal, but he bet that with the crowd assembled, it could be reached that evening.

It was typical Bruce.

“I can’t believe it, I can’t believe it,” he said of the honor. “This is beyond imagination because I’m just a little fellow in Alpena.”

Maybe, but then he is a little fellow with one heck of a big heart.

Congratulations to a most deserving honoree.