In Rogers City, library and theater make for the perfect marriage

When the Presque Isle District Library last year acquired the Rogers City Theater as a result of Karl Heidemann’s generous donation, we were impressed.

A marriage of the library – with its dynamic staff and community involvement- together with the theater and all the sweat, labor and love that Heidemann had poured into it over the years, seemed too good to be true.

But it wasn’t, and the results have been incredibly positive for the region.

In the weeks ahead once again area residents will be able to see for themselves what a wonderful union has taken place there.

The first opportunity will be an Alfred Hitchcock Film Festival to take place Jan. 13-15. In addition to several free viewing of Hitchcock films over the weekend, the opening night of Jan. 13 features a presentation by Michigan State University Film Studies Professor William Vincent discussing Hitchcock’s films and directing style.

It sounds like an enjoyable winter weekend’s activity.

A week and a half later, on Jan. 25, the Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary’s International Film Festival returns to Rogers City and the theater. An evening of light refreshments, reception and a special line-up of films will take place that evening for a $5 admission fee. Tickets can be purchased ahead for the event at the Rogers City Library.

The arts are alive and well throughout Northeast Michigan as evidence by events such as these.

We are fortunate to have such wonderful opportunities abound across every corner of the region.