Muslim world no longer silent in war on terror

Bravo, to Saudi Arabia and the 33 other predominantly Muslim nations forming a coalition to fight terrorism.

U.S.-led efforts to fight ISIS and other terrorist organizations may now get help from the countries with the most at stake in this fight.

“This announcement comes from the Islamic world’s vigilance in fighting this disease so it can be a partner, as a group of countries, in the fight against this disease,” Saudi Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman said last week.

A sea change has taken place. Powerful countries in the Middle East – not just the West – understand how important it is to wipe out ISIS and other terrorist groups that have warped their religious practices.

Of course, the manner in which this coalition will join the fight is yet to be seen.

But it is an answer to the question, Why has the Muslim world stayed silent?

They are silent no more.

Thirty-four nations have announced their desire to be members of a partnership that will fight what they correctly call “a disease.” It is a clear proclamation that the actions of an evil few do not represent the whole; and, in fact, are bitterly opposed by the majority of Muslims. It is a clear proclamation that countries throughout the Middle East and Africa are willing to join forces with the U.S.-led coalition already at work.

Coordination of the efforts of this group with the fight already underway will take work and patience. No doubt there will be differences of opinion between members of the alliance and the United States. But this new coalition is an encouraging sign that the work can now begin to yield real results.