The right man at the right time

We believe if ever there was a man born for the moment, it is Brent Holcomb, superintendent of the Alpena Public School District.

Holcomb arrived in Alpena at a challenging time for the school district’s finances, yet he has professionally guided the district through some very turbulent waters and seems to have the district headed in a right direction.

If we could use a water analogy here, he has paddled the district from the calm water above the rapids, through the whitewater filled with boulders and whirlpools, and now is paddling in the ripples following the rapids, with calmer water ahead on the horizon.

This week the APS Board of Education met and gave him a “highly effective” rating. We certainly concur.

Holcomb is a leader, inspirer and encourager. He is professional and proficient in all that he does, both within the walls of district buildings as well as out in the public.

Holcomb has been good for Alpena, and hopefully Alpena has been good for Holcomb. We continue to wish him well in the years ahead.