Man who died because of VA error was Vietnam vet

HOLLY (AP) — A man who died because of a stunning error at a Veterans Affairs hospital in Michigan was a 66-year-old Vietnam War veteran who liked to throw darts and shoot pool.

Roy Griffith confirmed to The Associated Press that his son, William Griffith, was the man who died last December when a nurse at a VA hospital in Ann Arbor mistakenly believed he had a no-resuscitation order.

Griffith’s death was investigated by the inspector general at the Department of Veterans Affairs. A report released Tuesday called the case “disturbing,” although the patient’s name wasn’t disclosed.

Griffith was suffering from chest pain and stopped breathing while recovering from artery bypass surgery. No one at the hospital attempted to resuscitate him, and he died the day after Christmas.

The elder Griffith declined further comment Thursday. William Griffith’s wife, Roberta Griffith, also declined to comment.

“We miss him horribly,” Griffith’s sister, Sara Schuyler, told AP.